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Michelle Atlas is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Newfield Certified Coach, a Certified Resiliency Facilitator and a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach, with over 20 years of experience helping people successfully navigate transition and stand in their value. With a thriving private coaching practice, and clients including the US Military, the Food & Drug Administration and the US Office of Personnel Management, she is recognized for her ability to help people strengthen their innate resilience, improve their relationships, develop meaningful work, and live rich, fulfilling lives.


Giving and Receiving

Many years ago, I lived in a yoga and meditation community. Teachings about life and spirituality were often delivered in a “Fire Course“. We all sat around multiple blazing fire pits, and as we stared into the flames, our teacher attempted to impart the... read more

How Resilient Are You?

I recently recalled a conversation with my best friend at age 13. We asked each other over and over, why many of our peers and family members who experienced hardships (whether related to work, health, relationships…) reacted with resentment, pessimism and a... read more

My Money Story

You’ve probably heard the saying “money is 90% emotion and 10% math”. Whether the emotion is empowerment, disempowerment, shame, pride, inspiration, guilt… in order to create a life of richness, meaning, and authentic prosperity, it is crucial... read more

Blaze Your Own Trail

It’s that time of year again, brimming with opportunity and permission to ask one of the most empowering and inspiring questions; “What do I Really Want?”  Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s “okay” to allow your desires to guide... read more

My Purpose Story

We all have pivotal, defining moments in our lives. Often our greatest challenges and heartbreaks hold valuable cues pointing to our true purpose. My family life was fraught with difficulties and losses. The moment I hit adolescence, I began seeking answers through... read more