It’s that time of year again, brimming with opportunity and permission to ask one of the most empowering and inspiring questions;
“What do I Really Want?”

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s “okay” to allow your desires to guide the decisions you make about your work and your life? Maybe you’re thinking “What does what I want have to do with providing true service to others and making positive impact?”

Truth is, your desires hold valuable cues regarding your deepest purpose, your “heart purpose impact.

Because we often desire experiences and things that make us feel awake, alive, safe, trusting and connected. When we are anchored in self-connection, sharing our greatest passions, skills and our most loving, generous self, flows effortlessly.

The Power of Goal Setting
Research tells us that people who write down their goals, and take the time to understand the why behind each goal, increase the likelihood of achieving them by 42%. When we take 100% responsibility for what we want to create, it will always become so. This actually boils down to physics (not fluff :-)).

What if we don’t?
As a deeply spirit guided person, I have lived a lot of my life in “go with the flow”, and “let’s just see what happens”. Although I have had many amazing, serendipitous blessings in my business, if I have learned one thing as an entrepreneur, it is that the best recipe for success is a delicate combination of intuition and strategy. If you do not invest in yourself with the time and attention to set some big, beautiful, authentic, tangible goals now, 2016 will most likely, be just another year lived in default.

Deepak Chopra teaches his meditation students to repeat and embody “I am here to bring more love into the world.”  

What is your pathway to bring more love into the world?

I ask because I can help you jump-start your most brilliant year yet.

If you find yourself holding back, you are in the pivotal spot between your past and a more real, alive expression of you. Take one step forward and you will discover your freedom.

Clarity magnetizes success and you achieve clarity by being decisive and taking action!

When you treat yourself with as much generosity and attentiveness as you do to others, you will blossom, and ultimately make a bigger difference.