We all have pivotal, defining moments in our lives. Often our greatest challenges and heartbreaks hold valuable cues pointing to our true purpose.

My family life was fraught with difficulties and losses. The moment I hit adolescence, I began seeking answers through psychology and spirituality. For many years, I embraced learning and meaningful lessons through my hardships, but still, I had the sense there was something blocking my capacity to fully express myself and my gifts.

Then, several years ago I experienced the most painful event of my life, and it cracked my heart and life wide open. The two most transformative steps I took during my tough time, were to slow way down, and to face into my shadows (my fears, limiting beliefs, repressed feelings) . When we shed a spotlight on our shadows, they no longer drive our life. Slowing down, suspended my habitual ways of thinking and doing and allowed space for deep well-being to surface and point the way to my greater potential.

Slowing down is the first step to activating change.

As I faced my deepest fears, I discovered my greatest gifts. As I integrated my cumulative training, life experiences and wisdom, I discovered my soul purpose. Once we have integrated the various parts of our self, alignment with our soul purpose may arrive naturally, and even quietly. A new found freedom, vitality, and sustainable self-connection emerged in my work, and my life. I want the same for you.