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It’s Time to Release Your Money Blocks, Own Your True Worth, and Create Wealth That’s True to You!

You’ll discover how to play to your personal money strengths, so you can achieve business success your way. You’ll receive powerful support to release your money blocks and heal your money shadows, so you can make courageous money decisions, based upon who you are becoming, rather than past conditioning.

And, just imagine how your business will take off, when you strengthen your money boundaries and empower your money conversations! It’s time to shine as the gifted leader of your business and your life.

“YOU and the course package “Activate YOUR Money Flow” have expanded my business world and my reality. Each and every call was a focused training for me. I am so grateful for how much shifting I have experienced. You and the group gave me the courage to trust myself and to trust in the creation of my business. I realize that until now I have given my power away and this was so exhausting. It’s new, saying “yes” when I mean yes, and “no” when I mean no… and having my own back. What came up in the group: “If I just show up and shine – and be my authentic self – my life can be easier and I become freer.”

The changes and dissolving of my beliefs was quicker and easier than I imagined. The new choices are so much clearer. What I really love about the work that you do is it’s holistic! And there is so much eye-opening information and great success guides that you gave us. You brought all the content together in a way that I can receive, and now I can expand and activate my money flow. Both one-on-one coaching calls were incredibly remarkable. I so appreciate Michelle and her work. I deeply recommend her and her course package.”

Sonja Schneider

Bern, Switzerland

I would highly recommend any opportunity to work with Michelle, whether in a one-on-one program or a group – she is amazing!  The curriculum for Activate Your Money Flow is chock full of tools, tips, information and assistance to help you progress in your journey.   And, if you have the option to work with Michelle in a one-on-one capacity – wow!   She is so insightful, caring, concise and can distill “miles” of story down to the core, and then offer kind, compassionate suggestions and help.   Deeply grateful for Michelle and the beautiful gifts she brings.” 


Portland, Oregon