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Michelle Atlas is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Newfield Certified Coach, a Certified Resiliency Facilitator and a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach, with over 20 years of experience helping people successfully navigate transition and stand in their value. With a thriving private coaching practice, and clients including the US Military, the Food & Drug Administration and the US Office of Personnel Management, she is recognized for her ability to help people strengthen their innate resilience, improve their relationships, develop meaningful work, and live rich, fulfilling lives.


My Purpose Story

We all have pivotal, defining moments in our lives. Often our greatest challenges and heartbreaks hold valuable cues pointing to our true purpose. My family life was fraught with difficulties and losses. The moment I hit adolescence, I began seeking answers through... read more

What is YOUR Prosperity Expression?

My money mastery work has been, and continues to be deeply transformative for me personally. It has also been the missing link for many of my clients, empowering them to take a stand for their value, and inspiring them to take action to create what they value most in... read more

What is YOUR 2015 Theme Song?

3 empowering tips, to step into 2015 with Clarity, Confidence and Courage by Michelle Atlas  –  www.trust-change.com December 10, 2014 The close of one year, and the beginning of another, always comes with the promise of change, the opportunity to create and... read more

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